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Key Programme Components

Intensive programme.
This means that a class would study up to a maximum of 25 hours per week. For this reason English would be the only subject studied during the period of the programme held at the school.

Classes are small.
We generally aim for classes to be between 15-20 students. Smaller classes allow more scope for communicative activities and increased time can be spent with each student.

Negotiated parts of the programme.
Teachers within the school are encouraged to contribute ideas and suggestions on work that they may wish to be included in the programme. This can included specific topic work, phrasal verbs, preparation for the oral part of the Cambridge First Certificate exam etc. It is, however, important to stress that suggestions made by the school to be included in the programme must not be in conflict with the ethos of English Alive.

Relaxed atmosphere.
With the emphasis on speaking and listening in an informal and interactive atmosphere, classes tend to be more relaxed than the year-round classroom work. This creates an ideal learning environment.

Linguistic risk-taking.
A non-threatening, relaxed and purposeful atmosphere is created and linguistic risk-taking is encouraged. Accuracy is not put before "getting the message across" and experimentation with the language is promoted in order to develop the students' confidence. We feel that allowing students to make mistakes is a positive way forward to actively using a language.

Course structure.
The course follows a predetermined structure based on 5 lessons per day for 5 days a week. The course is skills based.

Lesson 1: Speaking
Lesson 2: Vocabulary
Lesson 3: Fluency
Lesson 4: Pronunciation
Lesson 5: Listening As already stated ideas and suggestions from teachers are always welcome and where possible will be incorporated into the English Alive programme.

Certificate of Attendance.
All students taking part in the programme receive an end of course Certificate of Attendance. Before the presentation of the certificates time is allotted for the students to give feedback regarding the course.
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